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Welcome to Earth Spirit UK based in Watford, Hertfordshire. 

Earth Spirit has been running now for 8 years and offers a range of holistic therapies, to include private and confidential Healing, Readings, Meditation and Sound Baths along with various groups and events to aid you on your spiritual journey. Many people find meditation helps with mental as well as physical well being and we offer these on a 1-2-1 or small group basis from our dedicated healing rooms and Earth sanctuary space. We work with the Sacred Drum, attuned Crystal Singing Bowls and have various pure frequency chimes that resonate with you to bring about a deep sense of peace and healing. 

We stock a large selection of beautiful hand picked and ethically sourced Crystals including Tumbled Stones, Points, Geodes, Mineral Specimens, Natural Formations, Cathedrals and Polished Pieces. Housing a stunning & giant 100kg Prasiolite & Amethyst Crystal & 100kg Himalayan Salt Lamp.  

Amongst the array of crystals there is a selection of cleansing Selenite & Himalayan Salt Lamps, carefully selected Natural Essential Oils, Incense, Resins, Dream Catchers, Candles, Sage and other gifts from Nature. 

All items sold are cherished and loved as gifts of the Earth and we hope to pass on the intention of this with each item that joins you on your journey.

We also have a range of holistic and group spaces, where regular groups, workshops and events take place as well as 1-2-1 consultations mini group experiences. 

We look forward to seeing you at our sanctuary soon

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