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A vibrational based energy healing system. Using an understanding of how the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies work together to establish a way of empowering self to transform created vibrational stagnations collected and manifested through life experience to enable personal growth and attunement to higher self and source.

A full understanding of the relationship between vibration and frequency, the manifested universe - matter (the material world) and consciousness will be the basis of this system.

Astarme is a 6 part learning system with 3 elements to each part. As this system is based on a connection through self it is only able to be facilitated with others after working on self, therefore the first 3 levels are dedicated to this. Levels 4 & 5 are based on working with others and will focus on processes, methods, interpretation, delivery and client management. The final stage – Level 6 is for those whom have been called to impart these learnings as a teacher to others, individually or in groups or whom have been called to learn more about earth energetics and the links between all aspects of self and the universe.  Advanced methods in vibrational work will be utilised here. Building spaces, managing group energies and interplays, earth grid energetics, imparting information etc. All Levels have accompanying written information, specific exercises, meditations etc to enable the practices to be carried forward into everyday life. The on-site group space accompanies & supports the work you will be doing at home, this system will require dedication and commitment to be able to progress.


Astarme is a system to be shared, not sold and is defined by the fact it can only be offered on a donation basis and not in conjunction with any alternative healing practice or modality.. Astarme cannot be merged with any other energy system or modality.  All teachings are also offered on a donation basis, excluding materials and content.


A donation basis is defined by an exchange that takes place between the “giver” and the “receiver”. The “receiver” decides what the value of the exchange should be. It is merely an energy exchange; your time to facilitate, their offering of the value. This is to ensure that no individual feels beholden to any “healer” at any time for helping and it is a clean exchange where the receiving person makes an offer of what they feel is right. If products are provided these may be paid for, but the service is always on a donation basis. Under no circumstance must this ethos be broken. Any practice outside of this is not Astarme. In addition, Astarme cannot be narrowed to a singular vibration as the system basis is to encompass all vibrations. for example; unicorn Astarme or angel Astarme cannot exist.


As mentioned, each Level is broken up into 3 modules, a basic description of Level 1 is below.


Level 1, Part 1 will be looking at the following;

Understanding the emotional body

  • Layers of the emotional body

  • How you experience them

  • Subconscious effects of emotional body

Level 1, Part 2 will be looking at the following;

Understanding the physical body

  • Connecting to physical body

  • Understanding illness manifestation

  • Locating stagnation in body

Level 1, Part 3 will be looking at the following;

Understanding the basis of the relationship between consciousness/ higher self and the emotional / physical body

  • How you process and store information / experiences

  • How information is relayed between higher self, emotional body & physical self.

  • The Learning / Experience Cycle

Examples of included exercises;

Mind focus, Breathing, Body awareness, Body talking basics, Environment sense

Learning outcomes / criteria:

  • The ability to connect to the body and receive information

  • An awareness of how to use this information for further insights to self

  • An understanding of how to use this information to see cycles in life and how the interplay between the higher self (consciousness) and the emotional and physical body work.


How it works:

There will be progress test dates once each cycle of learning has been completed, please do not feel under pressure to either pass or fail, it is not about that, it is about establishing where you are with your learnings and understandings and what / if you need further guidance or more time before progressing onto further teachings. Speed of progressing through the stages is not important in comparison to a thorough understanding and ability to utilise the practices offered. This is an integrated learning approach.

2 groups will run each week. Please decide which group you can commit to, if you are unable to make one of the weeks, a catch-up session can be arranged. This, however, is not ideal as these learnings are best facilitated in a group space.


BOOKING in advance with a deposit is ESSENTIAL for your space to be confirmed


All sessions are carried out on a DONATION basis at our dedicated Earth Sanctuary space located in

Earth Spirit 197 St Albans Road, Watford.




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