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Astarme - Level 2 

Level 2 Start Dates 2022 - COMING SOON

Brief Introduction to Level 2


Part 1

Applying knowledge from level 1 to self to increase understanding of how own blocks manifested

  • Applying learnings to self

  • Increased understanding of the learning cycle

  • Increased awareness of life experiences and consciousness


Part 2

The ability to view a previous experience without an emotional connection to it and the awareness of this when viewing experience

  • Body awareness – deeper level to view experiences and see connections without emotional connection

  • Understanding of the subconscious and conscious mind relationship

  • The concept of the reflected universe


Part 3

The ability to release blockages that have been stored by utilising the learnings from level 1 and 2

  • Viewing without emotional connection to allow understanding to arise

  • Working through a process of realisation of a blockage to change “learning cycle”

  • Transforming the energy after full learning from experience has been gained and integrating lesson


Learning outcome / criteria

  • Ability to work through blockages on self and start transformation process

  • Ability to sit with self and bring forward blockages in truth, without judgement and emotional hardship

  • To further compound the learnings of the 3 aspects (SMB) and how this relationship is managed in respect to the learning cycle

  • To demonstrate an understanding of a “reflection” using the reflected universe principal



  • Body talking

  • Breathing – controlling the breath

  • Hollow bone

  • Mind engagement

  • Focus & concentration

  • Journaling


How it works:

There will be progress test dates once each cycle of learning has been completed, please do not feel under pressure to either pass or fail, it is not about that, it is about establishing where you are with your learnings and understandings and what / if you need further guidance or more time before progressing onto further teachings. Speed of progressing through the stages is not important in comparison to a thorough understanding and ability to utilise the practices offered. This is an integrated learning approach.

2 groups will run each week. Please decide which group you can commit to, if you are unable to make one of the weeks, a catch-up session can be arranged. This, however, is not ideal as these learnings are best facilitated in a group space.


BOOKING in advance with a deposit is ESSENTIAL for your space to be confirmed


All sessions are carried out on a DONATION basis at our dedicated Earth Sanctuary space located in

Earth Spirit 197 St Albans Road, Watford.

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