The Journey CD - Finding your spiritual connection


By Wa-Na-Nee-Che

The indigenous people of Turtle Island (now called North America) believed in spirit connection rather then mind control. Today too many humans have allowed society to take away that spiritual connection.
The CD is designed to help you reconnect.
The first duty of the CD is to put you to sleep so that the brain is put to sleep. Then you are taken through a doorway that belongs to you so that your life force Energy can pass through. Once through it you will go to your sacred place. This Journey is to introduce yourself to you. You call to the four directions whatever energy that comes will be created by you and you will be given a gift that will represent a problem that you need to solve. Each direction will bring a new energy with a gift. You will need to interpret the gifts. The first thought is the correct answer. If you start thinking let it go. At the end of your Journey a sacred healing song is given to you. When breathing, take the air into your nose and let it out through you mouth.