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Honouring Mother Earth, the Ancestors and this Sacred Space

Sunday 31st July 1pm start

Moonhenge - A Sacred Place for Community and Ceremony

Journey with me to this sacred space. May we lift our drums and beat in resonance for all our earth provides. May we send love to her furthest quarters as we call in the ancestors and our beloved to offer thanks and ceremony to all.

This is a day to commune with all that have walked before us and to acknowledge the unconditional love earth bestows upon us all, may we learn through her how to be love. Love free from judgement and acceptance of all things.  This is a day to rejoice, a day to honour and a day to sing our heart song. A day for giving and uniting as one as we walk with our sacred mother earth.

Moonhenge was built as a sacred space to connect with nature. It is a wooden interpretation to Stonehenge. It is also dedicated to the spirit of the Sacred Feminine as expressed by the "Goddess" that is celebrated in every spiritual tradition. Located near Huntingdon PE28 5YL

Please feel free to bring your drum, rattle or any instrument that works with you (voice included).
Also bring water, cold drinks and snacks so we may sit and share :)

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