Resonance of Nature

Sunday 3rd July 10.30am - 1.00pm

Set in a private and beautiful place of nature (35 minutes north of Watford)

Interactive talks, meditations, drumming journeys, crystal singing bowls and nature based exercises will allow you to build a framework of understanding on the language of our universe and the leanings it holds for you.
A nature based experience on connecting to your truth, your unique self, through immersion in the natural world, allowing you to free yourself from fear and negative emotions or behaviours that have created a wall of obstruction to your dream realisation, health or space of happiness and peace.
Everything is energy, this whole world, including you is a beautiful manifestation of frequencies and vibration. You are a part of nature, not seperate to it. By understanding how we relate to the external world we can build a better understanding of our internal world entering a space of self realisation.
You are a cellular being receiving and sending signals at all times. Each thought and each emotion is a frequency. By feeling and listening to certain frequencies we can directly affect our cells and bring them into a harmonious state of being to allow healing and learnings to occur.

Spaces for this retreat are limited and your place must be booked and paid for in advance.

We also have a Mother Earth Lodge available from 1.00pm with WA-NA-NEE-CHE and we offer a discount for people wishing to attend both.
Please bring a snack and drinks (non alcoholic). When we finish the day we can relax together or take some time to just enjoy the natural space before heading home.

What else to bring
Water / cold drinks for throughout the day (water to refill bottle is available on site)
Snack for after retreat
Blanket/ towel to sit and lie down on
Hat in case of sun
Jumper / fleece

Please dress accordingly for outdoors experience 

£30 per person all inclusive.
Please book in advance as space is limited.

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