The Conscious Web - An experiential journey to your soul through the manifested universe

THE CONSCIOUS WEB - This is not a book about religion or spirituality, it does not require faith or belief. This is a book about energy – a book about frequency and vibration. It is a book about interpreting the vibrations and the various frequencies that create our universe, and by proxy us, as each of us is a direct representation of the universe as we experience it. It is about applying this knowledge to your own life to enable soul progression, through conscious learning and application of awareness.

The Conscious Web is a book about energy; it is an experiential guide on how to interpret the frequencies that create this universe; the vibrations that create you. Every frequency that exists in the world also exists within you, hence by understanding the vibrational world around you; you will be better able to understand your own vibrational self.
These pages are a reflection of my truth. They are teachings discovered through explorations of my own inner planes of existence; my own liminal spaces. This journey was not mine alone, it was ours. We reflect pieces of each other in every action, every step, in every breath. Every moment is a teaching in some way, a reflected opportunity through an experience to learn.
When we share our experienced insights we grow collectively, we inspire one another, we challenge limited beliefs, we break through previous limits and we bridge the gap of judgement, clearing confusion & fear.

“The Conscious Web was written as part of my journey to truth. The adventure of self-awareness has taught me much and it is for this reason I willingly share, like we all can what I have learned so far." Blessings, Tash