Healing Service - Booking Essential

Price: Donation

Duration: 45 mins - 1 hour

Truth. Awareness. Transformation


A vibrational based energy healing system using an understanding of how the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies work together to aid the transformation and release of stagnant energy. Confidentiality, truth and honesty are upheld at all times.


Each session is attuned to you, as a unique individual and thus your experience of the experience may be different to someone else’s and may also change from session to session. It is always based on what your needed experience is to ensure it is the best experience possible to aid the healing journey you have embarked on.


As this is a vibrational based system, physical representations of vibrations may be used to facilitate healing – crystals, drums, rattles etc. Energetically changing the vibration of the stagnant energy held within the bodies at all levels creates balance which enables the healing process. Touch may or may not be involved and talking may be needed to bring the hidden reasons behind blockages up to awareness prior to working or to integrate after a session and to give resolution to the experience. Exercises or meditations will be offered to empower you to take hold of your own journey of personal growth and attunement to your higher self and source.


The belief of the system is that ALL is connected. The body is the map - a physical manifestation of your vibration. Illness, ailments, destructive behaviours / thoughts, cycled experiences, etc are all held in the body as vibrations that are not vibrating at the correct frequency to allow harmony to occur through the 3 bodies (spirit, mind, body) – they and by proxy you are out of sync. As a relationship exists through these 3 aspects then you cannot just look at the body, spirit or mind individually or treat just one aspect as they are all reflections of each other. You must look at the interplay between these 3 aspects to fully release an embedded pattern or illness. For example, if you have a “bad” knee and you just treat the knee (body), the illness may reoccur after the initial vibration shift if there is a deeper connection. If the knee is in pain as a signal that you have a fear of moving forward with self in life due to an early life experience that made you fear change and lack confidence then the problem MUST reoccur until the behaviour or belief is changed and the 3 aspects are back in balance. The same with self-sabotaging behaviours, or cycled events and patterns through life. In essence it’s about looking deeper, looking to establish the cause, not the symptom. All the experiences you have been through thus far in life, have been for a reason. Even though this may initially be hard to understand, this method of healing is based on understanding an experience you have been through from an “observer” perspective so that you can remove the emotional attachment you hold to the situation, this way  you are no longer “in” the experience, you are “seeing” the experience from more angles (truth), from here you are able to see why you may have needed the experience, with an understanding about why you had the experience and what impact it has made to your life, behaviours, choices etc. Thus, you enter a state of self- awareness (awareness) and from here you are able to release the energetic blockages – change the frequency (transform).  Truth. Awareness. Transformation.

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