Mother Earth Lodge - Traditional Native American

Sunday 17th July - 12pm or 2pm start

The Mother Earth Lodge is a very special place to reconnect with oneself. It is a place of healing, reflecting, cleansing, and purification.  Rocks are heated up in a scared fire so that their energy can be brought into the lodge to stimulate healing and purification.  You will enter into the womb of Mother Earth. There are four rounds. In each round a certain number of rocks are brought in. During the second round each person is given time to ask for what they need to bring balance into their life. The Third round is a healing round. The last round is for re-birth. The Mother Earth Lodge is a spiritual detox. It’s a space where you can be yourself, there is no judgement. It’s a space where you can let go, shed old worries and behaviors, and bring your spirit, mind and body back into balance and thereby bring health back into the body.

£25 per person all inclusive.
Please book in advance as space is limited.

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