The PHYSICAL space may be CLOSED......

              ......but WE are still OPEN

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak I have made the decision to offer what we can FREE and ONLINE to support those that need it most. We are offering support to any Essential Frontline Workers with FREE 1-2-1 sessions, if required and within capacity via ZOOM at this time. In addition, please nominate any individuals whom are Essential Frontline Workers to receive a FREE 1-2-1 session after isolation to a current maximum of 100 people.

These sessions can include: Healing, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Transformation Breathing, Counselling*, Meditation etc. 

Please get in touch through here or Facebook to nominate any individuals who deserve to receive something back.

You are ALL invited to JOIN the Live Streams FREE running DAILY

Please feel free to JOIN ANY Online session at this time FREE, no donation required - Life before Economy

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