Special Tibetan Incense - Snow LionSpecial QualityZimpu ritual its special manner of preparation is one of the ancient traditional arts of the monastic order of Tibet. It is composed of 55 ingredients of which saffron, nagi, red & white sandal wood from a part.Manufactured, hand-rolled and packed in Monasteries of Nepal for Ancient Wisdom Dropshipping, this traditional incense is credited with a range of healing powers.  Actually known as “Healing Incense” its almost magical properties (it is claimed) including being effective against stress, depression, tension and even backache!Made in the same way (from pure and natural ingredients) for several hundred years. Inhaling the aroma can produce a natural high - which the Tibetan’s us assure is non-toxic and non-addictive.The sticks themselves are like incense sticks without the stick. The actual aroma when burning is sweet, herbal.Evocatively exotic incense sticks

Special Tibetan Incense - Snow Lion

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