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Meditation, Sacred Drumming & Crystal Singing Bowls 432hz



Saturday 11am - 12pm 

Saturday 1pm - 2pm

Meditation, Sacred Drum & Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls

Immersive Experience - booking essential!

All groups are based from our dedicated Earth Sanctuary Space at our shop in Watford.

Starting with a gentle breathing and body awareness meditation to bring ourselves into the moment. The sacred drum will then allow you to enter a deep space of inner healing and helps a connection to be made between your soul, body and mind to our Earth. This aids the release of blockages held at all levels. The pure and powerful healing frequencies of 7 432hz attuned quartz singing bowls will then immerse you into a beautiful space of inner peace and healing. We finish with a grounding meditation to ensure each has returned from their personal journey.

Please book in advance as space is limited
£10 per person paid on the door


Who runs this group ?

Tash - Founder of the Astarme Academy

My journey has always been very much aligned with our Mother Earth. My entire life i felt a complete connection to nature and all that she offers. Now i give back to her through showing others how to honour and love themselves, as is her wish for all of us. For the last 8 years i have run various meditation courses, groups and retreats. All are based on allowing people to connect with themselves, their inner world and liminal spaces. A major part of how i work with others is through the use of sound, utilising drums, rattles and my beautiful resonant crystal singing bowls. In 2018 the Astarme Academy was founded, a course which allows all to start this beautiful journey of knowing oneself to open up to their own infinite truth. My book, The Conscious Web was also published that year. I truly believe that each human has the ability to heal themselves and move into the space of acceptance and unconditional love as we walk in beauty and wonder, learning through each other and honouring our greatest gift and wisest teacher - nature.

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